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I'm Marie Armitage

Marie armitage helps marginalized Professionals get more ease Joy and fun in their lives

Marie is a Certified Life Coach with an MBA and 20+ years of professional experience! Her coaching helps professionals live a life in alignment with their values. She helps her clients achieve their goals by providing mindset training and coaching. She is passionate about developing systems that work for her and increase return on investment at all levels of your organization, from operations to management.

Does this sound like you?

1) I want a life with more ease, joy, and fun

2) I am on a journey of self improvement

3) I dream of a better life for my children.

4) I am like to learn

5) I am pulled in multiple directions everyday

6) I feel like life can be a struggle a lot of the time

Marie's coaching can help!

After years of struggle and multiple burnouts while working, parenting, and dreaming - she found solutions that have helped her live a life full of ease, joy, and fun.

Contact us and our team can see if we are who you've been looking for to help you get to where you want to be!

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A bit about Marie

I grew up as an Ethiopian/Texan kid all over the world, living in 3 countries and 3 states before graduating college.

  • I have 2 wonderful teenagers
  • I've been married 18 years
  • I have over 20 years professional experience coaching and mentoring
  • I have my MBA and a passion for helping others

My goal is to help you life the life you deserve to live, to help you reach your goals

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Thinking Into Results™ Program

6 months

$5555- lifetime online access, weekly check-in calls, 6 (six) 1:1 Coaching Calls

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HelloSeven™ Sponsorship

8 months - ideally for coaches

$6500 - weekly downloads & texts, between April - December 2023. Mastermind study group 2x month, 8 (eight) 1:1 Coaching Calls

Supra Peritum Co.

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Exclusive retreats for Professional coaches to rejuvenate and return refreshed and ready to live their lives with more ease, joy, and fun.

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